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Sarajevo Panorama
Sarajevo Panorama
Sarajevo Panorama

Sarajevo Panorama - Bosnia

Sarajevo Panorama residence complex is an excellent choice for each family, the ideal compromise between a central location and peaceful surroundings with clean air and sunny living spaces during the day.   There are three residential buildings, each with 15 - 18 housing units. The complex has already been completed and each unit has been registered into the competent court land registry book.




District Municipality "Old Town" - Street Nametka Ali, former Frontovska.   Sarajevo Panorama complex is 10 minutes walking distance and 2 min away by car from Bascarsija, Sarajevo's old bazaar and the historical and cultural center of the city.


Bascarsija is built in the 15th century, when Isa Bey Ishakovic established the whole city.


The advantage of Mihrivode (Alije Nametka) location is the clean air and sunny apartments during the day.


Facilities and Services :


• High standard of construction.

• Maximum use of space.

• Plenty of natural light.

• Excellent thermal and sound insulation.

• Every apartment has its own parking spot.

• Developed security systems.




• The apartments are equipped with all modern installations for housing.

• Lifts from the garage level to the top floor.

• Central heating via gas combi boiler and radiator system. This system solved hot water in bathrooms and kitchens.

• Alternative electric hot water heater.

• First-class exterior carpentry and joinery


Payment Options:

• Starts From      62,500   USD

• Easy payment options are available.

• 25% Down payment.

• 75% 36 monthly installments.

Sarajevo Panorama units

Building THREE

Building THREE

Price: Starts from 62,197 Eur


Building TWO

Price: Starts from 94,936 Eur

Building ONE

Building ONE

Price: Starts from 106,155 Eur