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Sultan’s Suites - Turkey

A new concept to live in the heart of Istanbul


Murabahat Real Estate Solutions owns some luxury hotel suites in Nef Ataköy in the European side of Istanbul by PEKER GRUP Real Estate Company. Nef Ataköy is being built on 20,000 m², and has residential complex, commercial complex, and a huge open-air shopping mall.

These suites named as the “Sultan’s Suites” due to a totally new concept of luxury that offers you more than you expect through the FOLD HOME concept, this new concept is the first of its kind in the global real estate community, the perfect venue for your leisure stay where private suites whether entertaining, social, sports or business. Everyone who has a suite at Sultan Suites also has the right to use many suites and private rooms with world-class designs and specifications.

The FOLD HOME concept gives you a complete personal space. It is based on the Use-Pay System concept. Each owner will have a special card to use all services.




Sultan’s Suites is located near the Ataturk International Airport and next to the CNR Expo Center. The subway stop and the Metrobus station are within walking distance, which makes you quickly near the shopping malls as well as the historical attraction in Istanbul.


Facilities and Services :


•Private cinema
• Karaoke halls
• Special music studio
• Art room
• Private play station room
• Special playgrounds - Football - Basketball - Squash
• Swimming pool
• Health club
• Special ski city
• Jacuzzi
• Suites for parties and guest reception
• Business meeting rooms
• Private garden for barbecue on the upper floor
• Garden with private terrace


Rooms and Suites:


Incorporating a shopping mall and 18-floor residential and office buildings, the project consists of 6 blocks. Together with apartments possessing sea view from the 6th floor upwards, there are also apartments with a view of the airport. The apartments vary between 45 and 175 m², featuring (1+1), (2+1) and (3+1) alternatives.


Payment Options:


• Price Starts from 189,200 USD.

• Easy payment options are available up to 60 months.

• Special discount on cash payment.

Sultan’s Suites units