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Zizinia El Moustakbal
Zizinia El Moustakbal
Zizinia El Moustakbal

Zizinia El Mostakbal - Egypt

Zizinia El Mostakbal


A part of Mostakbal City “a fully integrated planned city“ (Residential, Commercial, Administrative, Health, Educational, Hospitality, Entertainment).
Total Area is 70 Acre, 20% is percentage of buildings and 80% is percentage of Greenery & Lakes.



The project is located in Mostakbal City on main axis of the extension of El Teseein (90) Road near Madinaty & 12 km from the AUC | After Hyde Park and right behind Madinaty & it’s easily accessible through the Suez Desert road.

Also the New Capital will be just few kilometers away.


Units :


- The compound is composed of 4 Buildings’ Types: EL Talid - EL Dima – EL Layan – EL Saja, (Ground + 5 Floors)
- Total units’ Number: 1778 units
- Sizes varies between 139 – 359 m2
- Units’ Types: 2 room & 3 room apartments, Duplexes, Ground Floor with garden, Penthouses “Last floor with roof".


Facilities & services :


• Daily Service Center (shopping, restaurants, cafes)
• Biking Track
• Solar Panels
• Walking Track
• Gardens
• Artificial Lakes
• Designed Lakes


Payment Options:


• Delivery by 2019/2020


Prices start from 7,000 EGP per meter
Payment terms:

- The first installment: 20% of the total unit price
- The remaining: installments up to 5 years

Zizinia El Mostakbal units